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[ Intro:  As we have already said in the foreword of Systemic Habitats Expo, the owners of the space on the Earth surface are the cars, not our feet for walking. The architecture can integrate all the machines, including cars (differentiating the paths) in the artificial space (cities, buildings, houses), leaving free the space for we humans. In our pursuit of new living models and new habitats, the first thing we must do is to have a vision of our future, because without a future there is not even a good present.  M.L. ]






about your future, what do you imagine?

Can you imagine still being in the job you’re in now? Can you imagine still earning the same wage as you do now? Can you imagine still living in the same place? How does imagining that everything is going to be the same for you make you feel? If you’re not happy with the way things are in your life, my guess is that this current vision of your future doesn’t make you feel good. So what are going to do about it? What are going to change now so that your future will look different? What can you do today that your future self will thank you from the bottom of their heart for? Maybe you already have your dream vision, in which case great, but why haven’t you started taking steps to make that happen yet?


The bigger question here is, are you settling? Currently, in your life, each day that you wake up and leave the house to go and do whatever you do, are you compromising and settling for that life? Ask yourself that. Because many of us think we have to settle. Many of us think that we’re stuck with the choices we’ve made and there is nothing we can do about them. Or sometimes we know we need to change things, but we feel completely overwhelmed and incapable of making a decision because we’re so terrified about what those decisions might mean or where they might lead to, so once again we end up stuck.


My next question to you is this. Why shouldn’t you create the highest, grandest version and vision for your life? Why should you settle? Do you believe you deserve to have everything you want? Maybe you know what you want and you dream of it every single night, but you don’t believe you’re really worthy of receiving it. If that’s the case, it’s time to ask yourself why. Because all of us are worthy and deserving. We should ALL have whatever we want to have. But so often we choose something different. We choose to settle. And that really is the most tragic thing of all. Because when we reach the end of our very short life, we look back with nothing but regret and a tyranny of ‘what ifs’.


If you were to take a pen and paper right now and write down what your 80 year old self would tell you, what would they say? What would your future self tell you that you missed out on, or even better, tell you to make sure you DON’T miss out on?


I don’t want you to miss out on your life. It’s short and precious, we all know that, so whilst you are here and you’re healthy and well, share your gifts, your talent and your abundant knowledge and light. Let others see the true you, the WHOLE you, rather than just a part of you that is settling, frustrated and living in the shadows.


So start connecting with your future self – what are they trying to tell you? What lessons can you learn from them so that you take the steps you need to today towards the future you want? Towards a future that can be your reality rather than your dream.


Natalie Edwards




year 2014 © Natalie Edwards



T  H  E     M  A  R  I  N  D  U  C  T


 v i s i o n   o f   l i f e


D  E  E  P     B  L  U  E


L  O  S     A  N  G  E  L  E  S

 a   s i g n   o f   l i f e








D    U    N    E    S


 v i s i o n s   o f   l i f e


T H E   P E N S I L E   P O O L S


 a   s i g n   o f   l i f e





 v i s i o n   o f   l i f e




S T A I R S   I N   T H E   W A T E R


 v i s i o n   o f   l i f e


T H E   N A U T I L U S


 v i s i o n s   o f   l i f e


T H E   B L U E   S H E L L


 v i s i o n   o f   l i f e

T H E   Z E B R A S



 a   s i g n   o f   l i f e   o n   t h e   e a r t h












Even the longest journey begins with a first step! Systemic Habitats is on line since the 18th of May 2012. This website was created to publish online my ebook "Towards another habitat" on the contemporary architecture and urbanism. Later many other contents were added. For their direct or indirect contribution to its realisation strarting from 2012, we would like to thank: Roberto Vacca, Marco Pizzuti, Fiorenzo and Raffaella Zampieri, Antonella Todeschini, All the Amici di Marco Todeschini, Ecaterina Bagrin, Stefania Ciocchetti, Marcello Leonardi, Joseph Davidovits, Frédéric Davidovits, Rossella Sinisi, Pasquale Cascella, Carlo Cesana, Filippo Schiavetti Arcangeli, Laura Pane, Antonio Montemiglio, Patrizia Piras, Bruno Nicola Rapisarda, Ruberto Ruberti, Marco Cicconcelli, Ezio Prato, Sveva Labriola, Rosario Francalanza, Giacinto Sabellotti, All the Amici di Gigi, Ruth and Ricky Meghiddo, Natalie Edwards, Rafael Schmitd, Nicola Romano, Sergio Bianchi, Cesare Rocchi, Henri Bertand, Philippe Salgarolo, Paolo Piva detto il Pivapao, Norbert Trenkle, Gaetano Giuseppe Magro, Carlo Blangiforti, Mario Ludovico, Riccardo Viola, Giulio Peruzzi,  and last but not least Ahmed Elgazzar.   M.L.


















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