Photographs by Michele Leonardi ©

availables in copyleft for customized posters, in high definition.

Only for non-commercial use, in any place: home, office, shop, restaurant, pub, etc.

"The Posters' Pub"
THE POSTERS PUB_001_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Two Whales On My Water I", triptyque by Michele Leonardi
THE POSTERS PUB_002_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Two Whales On My Water II", triptyque by Michele Leonardi
THE POSTERS PUB_003_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Two Whales On My Water III", triptyque by Michele Leonardi
THE POSTERS PUB_004_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"El Tubo"
THE POSTERS PUB_005_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Papua New Guinea in Gaeta"
THE POSTERS PUB_006_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"My Little Amazonia"
THE POSTERS PUB_007_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Amiata I"
THE POSTERS PUB_008_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Amiata II"
THE POSTERS PUB_009_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Amiata III"
THE POSTERS PUB_010_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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Mănăstire în stincă, Butuceni Orheiul Vechi - I"
THE POSTERS PUB_011_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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Mănăstire în stincă, Butuceni Orheiul Vechi - II"
THE POSTERS PUB_012_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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Mănăstire în stincă, Butuceni Orheiul Vechi - III"
THE POSTERS PUB_013_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Au Jardin des Plantes, à Paris"
THE POSTERS PUB_014_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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THE POSTERS PUB_015_by_Michele_Leonardi.[...]
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"Notturni - Lungotevere trasteverino"


The animal pictures are taken from the following old and rare books by courtesy of the Swiss libraries, e-rara:




  • Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859): "Voyage aux régions équinoxiales du Nouveau Continent, fait en 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803 et 1804", "Recueil d'observations de zoologie et d'anatomie comparée, faites dans l'océan Atlantique, dans l'interieur du Nouveau Continent et dans la mer du Sud pendant les années 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802 et 1803", Paris, 1811-1833, Zentralbibliothek Zürich; Shelf Mark: NF 31 | F; Persistent Link: .














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