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The gong vibrations of the day:

  • Tom Soltron - Flumies on Symphonic Gong 80" & 60"

& Earth 42" & Water 30"





  • Anonymous - Gongkonzert Gong. preview
  • Anonymous - Musica tibetana per la meditazione. preview
  • Red Buddha - Gong Chi, feat. Lenny Mac Dowell. preview
  • Anonymous - 36" Paiste Symphonic Gong: Brilliant. preview


Tom Soltron

  • Tom Soltron - Flumies on Symphonic Gong 80" & 60" & Earth 42" & Water 30". preview
  • Anonymous - 38" Paiste Sound Creation: Earth Gong #3B. preview
  • Anonymous - 38" Paiste Symphonic Gong: Brilliant. preview



  • Anonymous - 62" Cosmo Gong: Galactic symphonic gong / Huge Symphonic Gong. preview
  • Tom Soltron - 852 Hz, Return to Spiritual Order: Solfeggio Gong Travel. preview
  • Anonymous - Crystal Chakra Meditation with antique tibetan singing bowls. preview
  • Anonymous - Crystal harp sounds and gong, names Orahnie. preview
  • Anonymous - Earth Gong 42" 105cm Toneoflife. preview


Jere Friedman 

  • Jere Friedman - Playing the Paiste 80" Gong #1. preview
  • Anonymous - Klangschalen und Gongs live Meditation; Singing bowls and gongs live. preview
  • Anonymous - Kristall Harfen Meditation; Crystal harp meditation. preview
  • Ladrhyn Bexx and the Tone Of Life Gongs - Gong Bath Performance Video. preview
  • Ladrhyn Bexx - I created the sound of universe with this gong, 2016. preview
  • Anonymous - Paiste 80" Symphonic Gong Playded by Paiste Gong Master Sven, 2016. preview
  • Anonymous - Healing Chakra 8 Gong Meditation/15 min. Full Octave. preview
  • Anonymous - Gong bath with one gong names Orahnie. preview
  • Sui Ki Li - Healing Sound Bath with Paiste Symphonic Gongs & Tibetan Singing Bowls. preview
  • Anonymous - Memphis Gong Chamber. preview
  • Anonymous - Phantom Quartz 15 min. preview
  • Anonymous - Tamtam - Gong 120 cm (48"). preview
  • Anonymous - Singing Bowl Meditation: Crown Chakra Set. preview
  • Anonymous - Soothing Sample 38" Paiste Symphonic Gong. preview
  • Anonymous - Sound harmony with a gong name Yaniera. preview
  • Anonymous - Celestial Gong 30 minute Meditation: Five Celestial Gongs 1-20"/2-24"/2-28". preview
  • Anonymous - Gong bath for yoga meditation; gong names Chinuri. preview
  • PhD Mitch Nur - Lotus Gong - Handcrafted Gong from Nepal. preview
  • PhD Mitch Nur - Rare 40 inch Nepalese Gong Played by Mitch Nur. preview
  • Reiki - Meditation4all, Live Sound Bath Meditation with Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Shammanic Drumming. preview
  • Tone of Life - Air Cosmo Gong 62". preview



  • Anonymous - African Drum Music. preview
  • Anonymous - African Rhythms. preview
  • Anonymous - African Burundi Drum Music. preview


The Drummers of Burundi

  • The Drummers of Burundi - Part I of III. preview
  • The Drummers of Burundi / Les Tambourinaires du Burundi, Live at Real World, I-III, 1992. previewalbum
  • The Drummers of Burundi - Royal Drummers of Burundi 2. preview
  • The Royal Drummers of Burundi - Live at Gishora Village, oct.2011. preview



  • Anonymous - Heisei 20th World Taiko Competition. preview
  • Kodo - Spirit of Taiko. preview
  • Kodo - O-Daiko, japanese drummers, Taiko: tambours géants du Japon. preview
  • Kodo - Dadan. preview
  • Kodo 鼓童 One Earth Tour Special. preview
  • Wadaiko Matsuriza - Kabuki Gomen-Jyo, Japanese drums. preview
  • Yoshida Brothers - Kodo. preview
  • Amanojaku - Soul Beat. preview
  • The 41th Okaya Taiko Festival - Special performance last championship victory: Kamiko, Okaya Taiko, 2010. preview
  • Shumei Taiko - Japanese Drums. preview
  • Hayashi Hayashi - Fertility of the Sea, Japanese Taiko Ensemble. preview
  • Taiko Festival - Live in Saitama Super Arena, 2008. preview


Dario Rossi 

  • Dario Rossi - Full set in Paris, Place de la République, 10/09/2015. preview
  • Groove Onkels feat. Groove Tante - Gelber Sack, outdoor. preview
  • Anonymous - Beautiful tank hank, drum in gaz. preview



  • Anonymous - One tone steel tongue drum. preview
  • Anonymous - Hang Massive, Once Again, 2011, hang drum duo. preview














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