The Outcasts


Level 3



in the societies of the consumerism









Homeless in Tokyo



New York and its Homeless who live in the sewers!


Homeless People living underneath Las Vegas


Out of sight, Las Vegas


Sewer Kids: life inside Bucharest,

Romania's underground tunnels


Successful astrophysicist in the USA,

Homeless in Italy


Increase of Homeless in Paris


Brussels Homeless battle big freeze


"Homelessness & Poverty" in Ireland


Big Cold: An Homeless Family, France


Seattle, USA: Living under a bridge doesn't stop

this Homeless Woman from staying positive


Italy: What do you do on New Year's Day?

The response of the Bums


Italy: from the former Formula 3 mechanic to the painter, here are the "new" homeless:

"life is hunger and loneliness"


100,000 Homeless on streets of France,

with another 3,5 million in sub-standard

living conditions


The Mole People living underneath

the Las Vegas Strip


Britain's Homeless in winter.

Girls living on the streets of Brighton


Homeless Belgian Man

in Brussels Airport, Belgium


Living in the hidden tunnels

of Las Vegas, USA


Alessandro Marcolin: from broker to bum

in Milan, Italy


"I came down here to be forgotten":

life in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas, USA


Bums at The Umberto I Gallery in Neaples, Italy


A bums night: The Milan Dormitory, Italy


Why Japan's Homeless are different

from North America's


Homeless People in Anaheim, United States:

California or Third World Country?












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