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medieval music

Europe and Mediterranean region, period: c. 500–1400 A.D.

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The medieval music of the day:

  • Anonymous - Saltarello, Italy, 12th century, played by Ars Antiqua de Paris at The Sainte Chapelle in Paris


The Gregorian  Chant

  • Gregorianischer Choral: Tod und Auferstehung (Death and Resurrection), Benediktinerabtei Münsterschwarzach, Pater Godehard Joppich, Germany, Archiv Produktion, Galleria, 1982. no preview available / compact disk
  • Gregorian Chant: Las Mejoras Obras del Canto Gregoriano, Coro de Monjes del Monasteiro Benedectiono de Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain, EMI Classics, 1980.  preview
  • Gregorian Chant: Chant d'adoration, Soeurs Bénédictines du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris, France.  preview




Guillaume de Machaut

  • Guillaume de Machaut (1300?-1377), Douce dame jolie, 1346, played by Annwn, 2007.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, J'aim sans penser, played by Ensemble Gilles Binchois and Dominique Vellard, 2003. 

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  • Guillaume de Machaut, Je vivroie liement. preview / preview /  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, De fortune me doi plaindre et loer.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Joie, plaisance et douce nourriture.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Amours me fait désirer.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Tres douce dame que j'aour.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Toute flourpreview /  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Fiat voluntas tua.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, La Messe de Nostre Dame: Credo.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, He! Dame de valour.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Ay mi!  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Dame, vostre dous viaire.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Puis qu'en oubli sui de vous, dous amis.  preview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Dame, vostre doulz viairepreview
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Recercada, played by Ars Antiqua de Paris at The Sainte Chapelle in Paris, originally recorded in 1977, remastered for CD release in 1996. preview / CD





  • Anonymous, La quinte estampie réale, France, 13th c. preview
  • Anonymous, Estampie et ungaresca .  preview



  • Anonymous, Stella nuova'n fra la gente, Italy, 12th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Codex Las Huelgas, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous Occitain, A l'entrada del temps clar, 12th c.  preview


Adam de la Halle



  • Anonymous, Video coelos Alleluia, 12th-13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Uri liqr'a ti yafah, trouvère wedding song in French and Hebrew, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Mari stanko, music of the medieval pilgrim, Bulgaria.  preview
  • Anonymous, El Cant de la Sibil·la Provençal, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Mîzân qá'im wa-nisf, Nûba 'Ushshâq; andalusian origin, XII c., preserved in Morroco.  preview
  • Beatriz de Dia, A chantar m'er de so q'ieu no voldria, XII c.  preview
  • Beatriz de Dia, A chantar m'er de so, instrumental version, c. 1180.  preview
  • Anonymous, Bellicha, Italy, 14th c.  preview



  • Anonymous, Saltarello, Italy, 14th c.  preview




Richard The Lionhearted



Bernard de Ventadour


  • Bernard de Ventadour (1145-1195), Non es meravelha.  preview
  • Bernard de Ventadour, Quan l'erba fresca e'l folha par.  preview
  • Bernard de Ventadour, Quan vei la lauzeta mover.  preview
  • Anonymous, Cherubim hymn, orthodox music.  preview
  • Anonymous, Iata Mirele, vine, byzantine orthodox music.  preview


Alfonso of Castile



  • Anonymous, Codex Rossi: Amor mi fa cantar a la Francesca, Italy, 14th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Lai: Qui n'aroit autre deport, France, XI century c., played by Ensemble Project Ars Nova, 1994. preview



  • Anonymous, Saltarello, Italy, 12th century, played by Ars Antiqua de Paris at The Sainte Chapelle in Paris, originally recorded in 1977, remastered for CD release in 1996. preview  / CD  / CD



  • Anonymous, Saltarello (feat. Dead Can Dance), Italy, 14th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Saltarello, Italy, 14th c.  preview


The Troubadours

  • Anonymous, Troubadour song, France.  preview
  • Anonymous, Ductia, women's medieval dance, originating in France, 13th c.  preview
  • Guillaume Du Fay (1397-1474), He, compaignons, resvelons nous.  preview
  • Anonymous, Miri it is while sumer ilast, England, U.K., 1225.  preview
  • Anonymous, Worldes blis ne last no throwe, England, U.K., 1265.  preview
  • Anonymous, Liement me deport par semblant, mais...., France.  preview
  • Anonymous, Esta montaña d'enfrente, traditional sephardic song.  preview
  • Anonymous, Fa mi cantar / Iesu Cristo glorioso, Italy, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Incalci, Italy, 14th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Giporte miebramant, Italy, 14th c. preview
  • Anonymous, Tre fontane, Italy, 14th c. preview
  • Anonymous, Ne m'oublie mie, France.  preview
  • Anonymous, French medieval song, France, 13th c.  preview



  • Anonymous, Tourdion, composed for the Burgundian court, Netherlands, 14th c.  preview
  • Gace Brulé (1160-1213), Biaus m'este quant retentit la bruille, France, 13th c.  preview
  • Gaucelm Faidit (1150-1205), Fortz chaussa est.  preview


Chantilly Codex

  • Chantilly Codex, Puisque je suis fumeux, France, c. 1350-1400, played by Ensemble Project Ars Nova, 1989. preview


Gautier de Coincy


Giraut de Biornelh


Guillaume IX d'Aquitaine


Guiot de Dijon


Jacopo da Bologna



  • Marcabru (c. 1100-1150), L'autrier just'una sebissa, Gascogne, France, 12th c.  preview
  • Marcabru, Pax in nomine Domini.  preview
  • Marcabru, Lo vers comens.  preview
  • Anonymous, La Suite Meurtriere; La Segonda retroencha; Salterello (I); Rokatanc;  Rassa, tan creis e monta e poia; Salterello-trotto (II); Spanish bombs; Au temps d'auost; Amarcatu; Odisete; Tempus transit gelidum; Esek Bayrami; (compilation of western medieval music).  preview
  • Anonymous, Estampie.  preview
  • Anonymous, Saltarello Trotto (II).  preview
  • Anonymous, Three Basse Dance.  preview
  • Anonymous, Cantiga 166: Como poden per sas culpas, Portugal.  preview
  • Anonymous, La Suite Meurtriére, France.  preview
  • Anonymous, Rókátanc, Hungary.  preview
  • Anonymous, Ite missa est, England, U.K.  preview
  • Anonymous, Megaloschemos, Orthodox Hymn, Bulgary.  preview




von der Vogelweide



  • Anonymous, Saltarello, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Tant m'abelis, France, c. 12th century.  preview
  • Anonymous, Domna pos vox ay chausida.  preview


Giraut de Bornelh


Ramon Llull

  • Ramon Llull (1232-c. 1315), Cantaben els osells, Spain.  preview
  • Berenguer de Palou, Ai tal domna, 12th c.  preview
  • Ramon Llull, Reis glorios.  preview
  • Anonymous, Mowachah Billadi Askara Min adbi Llama, arab-andalus music, Spain.  preview
  • Anonymous, Carmina Burana: O Fortuna, Germany.  preview
  • Anonymous, O Panoraios, byzantine secular music, Turkey.  preview



  • Anonymous, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat: O Virgo splendens, 14th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Principio di Virtu, Italy, 14th c.  preview


Raimbaut de Vaqueiras


Santa Caterina da Bologna






Thibaut de Champagne

  • Thibaut de Champagne, Au tans plein de felonie, France, 13th c.  preview
  • Thibaut de Champagne, De fine amor, France, 13th c.  preview
  • Anonymous, Sallatu Allah, prayer for God, traditional arabic, Jerusalem, Israel.  preview
  • Anonymous, The Dance of the Soma, traditional arabic, Jerusalem, Israel.  preview



  • Anonymous, Nevestinko oro, traditional macedonian, Macedonia. preview
  • Anonymous, Song and dance, traditional armenian.  preview



  • Anonymous, Tre fontane, Firenze, Italy, 14th c.  preview


Gilles Binchois

  • Gilles Binchois (c. 1400-1460), Trois chansons tristes, Belgium.  preview
  • Anonymous, La Chanson de Guillaume, France.  preview
  • Anonymous, Hungarian dance, 13th, Hungary.  preview


Vincenzo da Rimini




  • A neo-medieval music: Antonio Riccardo Luciani (1931-2020), Chanson balladée / Clerici vagantes, Theme of "Almanacco del giorno dopo", RAI-Radiotelevisione italiana, Italy, 1977. 

preview / preview / preview / preview preview 




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