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Park Güell

in Barcelona, Spain; 1900-1926; architect: Antoni Gaudì. More info on Wikipedia: Parque Güell.



Taliesin East

Spring Green, near Chicago, United States of America; 1911; Frank Lloyd Wright Architect. More info on Wikipedia: Taliesin East.




in Cape Town, South Africa; 1913. More info on Wikipedia: Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.



Kyoto Botanical Garden

in Kyoto, Japan; 1924. More info on Wikipedia: Kyoto Botanical Garden and Garden of Fine Arts (1994, Tadao Ando architect).




in Vienna, Austria; 1926-1930; architect: Karl Ehn. More info on Wikipedia: Karl-Marx-Hof.



Wohnpark Alterlaa

in Vienna, Austria; 1973-1985. More info on Wikipedia: Wohn- und Kaufpark Alterlaa.



Omaha Beach

in Colleville-sur-Mer, France; 1944 and later; architects: Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson. More info on Wikipedia: Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

Video: "D-Day: Omaha Beach amazing real pictures".




Shinjuku Gyo-en

in Tokyo, Japan 1949; architects: Henri Martinet and others. More info on Wikipedia: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.



Parc de la Villette

in Paris, France; 1984-1987; architects: Bernard Tschumi, Colin Fournier. More info on Wikipedia: Le Parc de la Villette.



Botanical Garden


of Curitiba

in Curitiba, Brazil; 1991; architect: Abrão Assad. More info on Wikipedia: Jardim Botânico Francisca Richbieter.




in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 1998; architect: Roberto Burle Marx. More info on Wikipedia: KLCC Park.



Eden Project

near St. Austell, Cornwall, United Kingdom; 2001; architect: Nicholas Grim shaw. More info on Wikipedia: Eden Project.



Olympic Forest Park

in Beijing, China; 2008; architect: Hu Jie. More info on Wikipedia: Olympic Forest Park.



Gallions Hill

in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; c. 2010; architect: unidentified. More info: Gallions Hill.



Gardens by the Bay

in Singapore, Singapore; 2012; architects: Grant AssociatesGustafson Porter, and others. More info on Wikipedia: Gardens by the Bay.









  • Monique Mosser and Georges Teyssot: "The Architecture of Western Gardens: A Design History from the Renaissance to the Present Day",  544 pages, The MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 1991.

The Architecture of Western Gardens presents an international tour of garden design from the Renaissance to the present. As object and as literature, it is a sumptuous and unprecedented resource. The more than seventy essays by scholars from Europe and America all commissioned for this book - and over 650 illustrations raise the standard of garden literature to a new level. The result is an invaluable compendium that will serve as a fundamental starting point for exploring the many expressions of the place where nature and culture, project and diversion, work and pleasure meet. Organized chronologically, the essays and illustrations make up a mosaic of the garden in the Western world. The humanist garden in Renaissance Italy, the concepts of the "Sublime" and the "Picturesque," mazes, grottoes, and other curiosities, city parks, American land art, and even Disneyland are among the topics treated. Discussions of characteristic aspects of history and theory are followed by analyses of individual gardens as paradigms of their type: the Hortus Palatinus in Heidelberg, the Parc Monceau in Paris, the Park Güell in Barcelona, Stowe in England, and many more. The illustrations are a model of how iconography can function as text. They include ground plans meticulously redrawn from original archival material to provide precise information on the scale and nature of many of the projects, as well as a wealth of drawings, reconstructions, paintings, and photographs.




















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