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PHOTOGRAPHS by Michele Leonardi

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Roma di bianco

Snow in Rome,

Saturday 4 February, 2012

from 6 am to 2 pm








Paris in winter

Never gray Paris

on Panoramio

Paris pas gris



Chao Paris!

on Panoramio

Bonjour Paris!





my best of

on Panoramio

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Hello Dave !

I was born on May 18th, 2012

  I   a m   t h i n k i n g   . . . . . . . .






       l i n k s   o f    t h e   d a y :


"Infinitul din noi ne inspíră arta. 

În artă nu există ceea ce se cheamă idee, 

ci doar VIZIUNE."

     Sabin Bălașa  

 "Infinity in us inspires art. 

In art there is no what is called idea, 

but only VISION."

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