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solarys livingbox

The SOLARYS MODULAR SYSTEM by Michele Leonardi architect

Solarys is conceived as minimal preassembled living units linked by a similar system to those of train carriages. Such standardised link allows interconnection between various symmetrical, asymmetrical spaces of different shapes and functions.  This is possible by using special trucks, as shown in the images.

Each livingbox can also be partially or entirely preassembled before delivery at less cost and quicker than being built on site.

Another feature of Solarys is the formation, space, and constructive reticular system of “sandwich panels”, held by large metallic hinges.  The number of units involved and shapes depends on the individual’s needs, so each “livingbox”  can be of different size too.

The first advantage of a modular system is that it can be built over time and, for example, starting just with an open kitchen plan, a bedroom, and a bathroom.  

Therefore, the next benefit for “first buyers” is a reduced initial budget.  Instead of standard cubes, all spaces can be uniquely and geometrically shaped.  And lastly, it is possible to relocate with the entire system or simply detach a single unit for extraordinary  maintenance.


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Hello Dave !

I was born on May 18th, 2012

  I   a m   t h i n k i n g   . . . . . . . .






       l i n k s   o f    t h e   d a y :


"Infinitul din noi ne inspíră arta. 

În artă nu există ceea ce se cheamă idee, 

ci doar VIZIUNE."

     Sabin Bălașa  

 "Infinity in us inspires art. 

In art there is no what is called idea, 

but only VISION."

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