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The principles of Systemic Architectures and Constructions are exposed in my free e-book entitled Toward A Different Habitat: 36 Projects of Luigi Pellegrin Architect), currently available in English only the Chapiter 1; soon as possible also the full English version from the original in Italian: "Verso un Altro Habitat", written by Michele Leonardi. 

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Che cosa sono gli HABITAT SISTEMICI ?

I princìpi delle Architetture e Costruzioni Sistemiche sono enucleati nel mio e-book gratuito intitolato "Verso un Altro Habitat", consultabile e scaricabile in questo stesso sito alla rispettiva voce (Verso un Altro Habitat, Vol. 1), disponibile in lingua italiana.




Qu'est-ce que c'est l'HABITAT SYSTEMIQUE ?

Les principes de l'Architecture et des Constructions Systémiques sont exposés dans mon e-book gratuit intitulé "Vers un Autre Habitat"  (Verso un Altro Habitat, Vol. 1), disponible dans ce site qu'en italien, jusqu'à ce moment. Dès que possible, je publierai ici aussi un'adaptation résumée en langue française.

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01 - Katy Perry - Part Of Me.

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03 - Maxi Lein - Melodic Progressive House Mix (Beautiful Mix).

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05 - Subsonica - Non chiedermi niente.

06 - Yanni - Dance With A Stranger.

07 - Velvetine - The Great Divide (Original Intro Mix).

08 - Kate Bush - Sunset.

09 - Vangelis - Mask, Movement 4.

10 -  Andy McKee - Into The Ocean - Harp cover by Amy Turk.



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01 - Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Gate.

02 - Deadmau5 FT. Kaskade - I Remember .

03 - Underworld - Biro The Leggy (Beautiful Burnout early version).

04 - Deepsense - Voyager - Frisky Radio (October 2014).

05 - Maroon 5 - Sugar.

06 - One Direction - Drag Me Down.

07 - Guillaume de Machaut - Je vivroie liement/Liement me deport.

08 - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy Remix (Rank 1 Remix).

09 - Underworld - Always Loved A Film (Live @ Zepp Tokyo 2010).

Hello Dave !

I was born on May 18th, 2012

  I   a m   t h i n k i n g   . . . . . . . .







       l i n k s   o f    t h e   d a y :


"Infinitul din noi ne inspíră arta. 

În artă nu există ceea ce se cheamă idee, 

ci doar VIZIUNE."

     Sabin Bălașa  

 "Infinity in us inspires art. 

In art there is no what is called idea, 

but only VISION."

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Norbert Trenkle - The Financial Crisis

Contradictions of Capital - no conspiracy



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